Technique: Watercolor and pastels on canvas

Support: Cotton canvas mounted on frame.

Hanging system: yes, ready to hang.

Format: 70 X 50 cm

Signed in front.

Certificate of authenticity provided by the artist.


About the series:

“To paint portraits, for me, is to try to communicate, emotionally, with what we could call the“ soul ”. In other words, it is this deep and almost secret part that emerges from the person.

I work mainly from photographs of strangers. This allows me to connect only to what the person emerges and not to a “knowledge” that I can have of it according to an experience. So it's a sketch, something spontaneous, that I want to communicate to the viewer. However, I work a lot on these “sketches” upstream, imagining several framing and different sets of values and colors. My goal: to build my own image and my own impressions of the person to let them go on paper, on canvas. ”


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