Technique: Acrylic

Support: Canvas mounted on frame.

Hanging system: yes, ready to hang.

Format: 60 X 50 cm

Signed lower right.

Certificate of authenticity provided by the artist.


The artist seeks here to capture the soul of the subject as much as those of the flowers that surround it. The artist pursues the philosophy of a harmonious coexistence of echo-systems and life forms. Here emotions rub shoulders, sadness like joy, as well as human faces and those of flowers.

It is also a way for the artist to show the place that humans give themselves, preponderant. But the painter also seeks to show us that humans doubt this place, by giving almost as important a place to plants. The flowers that surround and cover the girl therefore questions the merits of the decorative role given to flowers and sometimes to oneself.

This painting was exhibited during the Dames 2020 Games, an artistic event in the Bellifontan windows organized by the artistic agency "Dames Games".


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