The "Naturenales" immerse the spectator in a mysterious and ordinary universe at the same time. The elements are seen here under the prism of a change of scale or a fragmentation. Nature is shown as an ordered system, a human vision even if its figure does not appear. The compositions are made in such a way as to be able to correspond to the gaze of a city walker who is looking, thirsty, for fragments of nature.

Investing massively in the representation of the sky and the trees, the artist sees them as the last space of freedom and observation of a distant horizon without buildings, works, roads which would come to hinder his gaze. The gaze is also focused on flower compositions that are still found in cities, the last vestige, the last ruin of forgotten vegetation.

Linda Bachammar deployed the series on watercolor and collage paper as well as on canvas in acrylic and oil.

While 75% of us will live in urban areas in 2050, the series questions the links between Man and Nature in an urban environment. Why does he feel detached from it? What undoubtedly attracts her to her?

© 2020 by Linda Bachammar