Paint the infinite sensation

to be alive."



Quite naturally, links were formed in my painting between the animal, plant, and human world. My work tends to bring together, confront or harmonize these worlds.

I am inspired by both organic reality and human creations. I invent worlds where I connect ecosystems, myths, architecture.


My painting expresses the interdependence that there is between all these environments.
My research is cyclical. These are loops that become entangled and from which problems arise that relate to each other over time.


My influences: narrative figuration (Jacques Monory, Gilles Aillaud) Japanese art: Kuniyoshi, Impressionism (Claude Monet, Anders Zorn) pop art (Roy Lichtenstein), Fauvism (Henri Matisse).


Linda Bachammar

Peinture orientale de Linda Bachammar

© 2020 by Linda Bachammar