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"A young artist at the forefront of contemporary French art: impressive linework and powerful brushstrokes create a texture typical of Linda Bachammar."

300 Magazine, Linda Bachammar: a jewel of contemporary French art

" The artist's desire for transcendence and harmony can only be realized through a relationship of communion with nature, which allows us to go beyond the limits imposed by existence."

Cosimo Strazzeri, Art critic - Essayist - Literature historian - Catalog curator of KROMATIKA, italy


"“The trees hear the blast of the wind and make it travel through

the hearts of men. "

Linda Bachammar is a French painter and designer with national and international visibility (France, Usa, Italy). His work is mainly focused on a poetry of existence, drawing its inspiration from nature, travel or meditation. Linda Bachammar installs sweet and strange reveries in her works. She expresses all her energy and breath of life through intense colors. The artist seeks to create a poetry of links between human and nature, dream and reality, the human species and spirituality.

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