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"Paint the infinite sensation
to be alive. "


Linda Bachammar is a French painter born on November 21, 1985 located in Fontainebleau. Long before becoming an artist, Linda was already adopting a lively approach, in search of the vocation that would most fit in with her. His approach took the form of successive metamorphoses: journalism, management consulting, theater; sometimes with loops and returns, until the vocation that never leaves her emerges, artistic and pictorial creation.

His work focuses on a poetry of the living, inspired by the several forms of nature and the organic world. She paints a tribute to life with intense colors. The artist try to paint what it is to be alive, and to create a poetry of links between men and nature, dreams and reality, the human species and spirituality. Linda has exhibited in several galleries and art fairs in France and abroad (US, Italy).

Member of the Maison des Artistes

Member of ADAGP

Members of the associations "Les Peintres du Marais" and "Jeux de Dames"

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